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Monday, December 21st 2020, 8:03pm

What happen to this game?

What happen to this game?

Earlier time, this game was quite popular.
I have played this for many years.

Now, it seems this game is just a shadow of was it was earlier.
We had a smooth game where thing work fine and almost everything work perfect.

Now, we have a broken game.
our game experience getting worse.
Slowness of the game is not good, and can bring you alot of trouble.
To try to dress a officer is killing.
Normaly you cant send out resources from a citiy, if the city need it, and you send out all.
you can do it now on maybe 3 attempts.

Worse, we have hazard off for over a year, and most players have wast number of troops is cities.
Its even so bad you cant even UO to a city without bouncing back.
Witch means your 5.5 million UO is too smal compaired to city troops.

We have Skills that is not working to its descriptions.
We have buttons thats not working at all.

Events that normaly everyone look forward to , have been missing.
If they have events, its been spoiled by too low droprate, so the events become a joke.

To top everything, Flashplayer die.
To fix this problem, what have they done?
They dont want to say, as usual.

They dont have any support from developer in china .
As they want to fix and make mess of this game by them self.
Developer could fix this by converting this game to html5 within a few hours.
A program have been made to make them 6 months to fix this issue.

What did they do?
It looks like they route this game thru facebook.
Same time they have excluded all players that have chrombook, or similar gadgets .
They cant download and install just like that.

There are no proper descriptions with this program.
What securuty messure have they done?
Are they responible for any security flaus that come with this program?
As usual, they will not say anything. And it will come to use of your own risk.
You want to have a break in to your gadget thru this program, start think about it.

They have known flashplayer will die end of this year. And they *fix* this issue with a temporary solution in last minute.

The only imprivement we have seen, is new suits and generals.
New tech and buildings is totaly missing.
Still we have knowledge officer that can strat at 90 moral.
Normaly, max is about 70 moral.

Why spend money on something you can loose over night when you sleep or fell asleep while you play?
There are no meassure to secure your cities and reasons to improve buildings in city.
As you can loose it within few minutes, if you set tax to 0%
If you set tax to 20-30 procent, its lost at first hit.

What about game rules?
There are no gamerules anymore, as its removed.
Only rules is rules support invent to ease their task.
We have tools to set out our fleet of troops with delay.( or UO)
Support will say 'walking troops' is not allowed.
You can do, but they dont like, because it may create work for them.
Why have this option available when you are not allowed to use this way?

Since no support from game developer, and no source-code available.
There can not be any improvement of this game, except new suites.

There are no statements that they can improve or fix this broken game.
Except broken promisses.

People have started to burn their cities due to reasons above.
Price have started to jump up again, even game experience have droped.

Its a nice school project to play on.
But as comercial game, the good game experience is missing.

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