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Tuesday, October 8th 2019, 2:32pm

We are merging Elite,Vanguard,El Alamein,Dunkirk and Sherman.

Hello Commanders,
we are finally ready for a merge!

We have worked hard to do this and we believe that for you it will be a new and great gaming experience!

But how to proceed? Here is a guide on how to select the character,
the rules of the union and all that you will need in this step.

How to choose the character:

Access the war2glory site, select the English language, login.
(If your credentials are registered in your browser,please log out and proceed as explained).

Click PLAY.
You will come to this screen:

DO NOT click on the Play button.
Click Continue under the phrase: Choose which character to take with you to the new server.

It will take you to a new page where you can choose the character!
You will have 7 days to choose your character.

Here are the rules:

Account selection
-You will choose an account.
- It is not possible to choose a banned account.
- It is possible to change your choice at any time before the actual merge takes place.
- You will be rewarded for accounts that you cannot keep.
- Abandoned characters will be permanently deleted.
Example: the CSR01 player has an account on Elite, Vanguard and Sherman.
CSR01 chooses to keep its account on Elite. CSR01 abandons its accounts on Vanguard and Sherman.

Compensation for abandoned accounts
- Diamonds you bought during the last 12 months for abandoned characters will be reimbursed
to the account's selected character at the rate of 100%.
Items from abandoned characters will NOT be transferred.
- Abandoned characters will earn you diamonds based on the position of the abandoned character.

Battalion Commander: 0 Diamonds
Regiment Commander: 150 diamonds
Brigade Commander: 300 diamonds
Division Commander: 450 diamonds
Army Commander: 600 diamonds
Commander: 750 Diamonds

Example: CSR01 abandoned characters on Dunkirk, El Alamein, Elite and Vanguard.
CSR01 had transferred 150 Diamonds to his account on Sherman,
so he will be given 150 Diamonds on his account on Sherman.
CSR01's account on Dunkirk was at the Regiment position (150 Diamonds) and private first class on El Alamein,
Elite and Vanguard (0 Diamonds), so he will receive 150 additional Diamonds on his merge account.

Rename accounts
- After merging the selected character's account will be modified to
reflect the server number and character name - example, (S2) CSR01
- All players will receive a name card to change their name after the merge.

Coastal City
- The coastal cities will become inland cities with the naval academy removed.
- Players will receive 1 coastal resettlement plan for each coastal city they have
on the selected account. This can be used to move any inland city to an available coastal plain.
- During the resettlement period, the construction requirements of the
Naval Academy level 1-10 will be just City Hall level 9.
- During the resettlement period, the construction/update time and the
cost of the Naval Academy Level 1-9,
resources will be almost instantaneous and almost free.
The Level 10 Naval Academy will still have the same resources and item requirements.

Naval Units
- Players do not need to exchange their naval troops for coupon troops, it
will be done automatically during the merge.
- After joining, players can exchange coupons for naval troops.
It only works for coastal cities.

What You Keep
- Each player will keep his current technology levels on his selected account.
The technology currently being researched will keep in progress.
- The progress of the missions will be maintained.
- Non-naval troops will be maintained. All the troops sent will return to their home cities.
Troops that are looting will automatically collect and return to their home towns.
Troops in battle will automatically return to their cities.
-Note: if there are troops loaded with resources stationed outside the base,
the resource will disappear when the troops return automatically.
- Reputation and honor will be maintained.
- The status of the items (Mass Mobilization, etc.) will be frozen during downtime.
- Officers will be maintained. The heroes of War2Glory will be converted into regular officers
with their statistical totals/level maintained.
- The buildings will be maintained, except for the Naval Academy.

Important details
- Inland cities will be distributed randomly around the world.
Players with more than 200k of reputation will receive 1 advanced resettlement plan
for each inland city they control.
- All coastal plains and resource fields will become unoccupied.
- All resource trades still taking place during the merge will be canceled.
- After joining and after the servers come back online the offensives
will be deactivated during the resettlement period (7 days).
- After joining and after the servers come back online,
offensives against other players will be disabled and Hazard will be turn off during the resettlement period (7 days).
- An inactive account wipe will occur on s2-s5 once the servers are down for merging.
Conditions: Reputation below 400,000, no login history for the past 7 days, no Diamonds bought.
ALL 3 conditions must be met for the account to be marked inactive and wiped.

If you DO NOT select an account during character selection
-If you have multiple accounts that have survived the cancellation of the inactive account,
our system will automatically choose an account, based on the following conditions:
-Payment: the character with the higher number of diamond purchases will be selected.
- Reputation - If multiple characters have the same number of purchases,
the character with the highest reputation will be selected.
- If more characters have the same purchases and the same reputation,
one of these accounts will be randomly selected.

Merge Timeline

10:00 AM 9th Oct. to 10:00 AM 16th Oct. (7 Days)
turn on character selection function.

10:00 AM 16th Oct.
doing merge, service unavaliable.

10:00 AM 18th Oct.
start service.

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