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Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018, 11:31

New suit

Hello Commanders!

Please take a look to the components of our new honor suit: The Colonel's Suit.

This is an amazing opportunity for your officers.

Get the Colonel's Suit now to help your mid tier officers to overcome their weaknesses in battle and grab an edge.

You may buy the complete Coronel' suit or you may buy individual parts to upgrade one or several of your officer's stats.

It doesn't matter how you decide to get it, this unique suit can be yours for free. It's time to light the fires of war and get some honor!!!!

This suit will be available at 16.01.2018 @ 11:00 (local server time). Grab it while it's hot!
Well, that went well.. AGAIN!! :cursing: I bought one ring, which is supposed to fit in trinket slot.. but hey, no suprise there, it only binds in gun slot!! :D:D Geez, guys.. do you even ever test your new releases, or do you just throw them to the wolf and move on to next flop...
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Dienstag, 16. Januar 2018, 22:41

Was checking, Yes, you right.
They messed up little.
Accessory and hands have switched place

Uniform atrib
Knowledge 80
Poli 82
Mil 85
Attack 2050
Defence 1910

NB... on office, have to add up 10% in attack for fighters

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Beruf: fishing and drinking

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Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018, 17:16

Renown Conq is much better and cheaper too .... :wacko:

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  • »Noodle« ist männlich

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Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018, 23:15

Yes way too expensive even with the certainty of getting the piece and being unbound, would perhaps be worth it if it wasn't lvl 100 and above as then it could be used to level officers up to 100 on event fields but nope better to stick with cheaper renown suits for lvl 100 officers.


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Registrierungsdatum: 27. Januar 2016

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Freitag, 19. Januar 2018, 08:50

Hey guys, we ask for something useful to spend honor on, so they give us this arguably garbage suit!
Rejoice, they kinda sorta (not really) listened to us on a frivolous topic!

Small victories, i say...

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