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Freitag, 17. November 2017, 20:43

Ghost City

Hello commanders!

Find the ghost town this weekend and win some great prizes!

How the event works:

For 1 hour the GM will communicate the name of the Ghost Town and the continent where it’s location in the World Chat! The first person to get a scout report of the city wins! Simple right?

The city will relocate every time someone wins and only one win per player per server. So the faster you guys find the city, the more prizes are up for grabs.


Sunday 19.11.2017 / EL ALAMEIN / 1700hrs CEST
Sunday 19.11.2017 / SHERMAN / 1700hrs CEST
Sunday 19.11.2017 / ELITE / 1700hrs CEST
Sunday 19.11.2017 / BODYGUARD / 17000 hrs CEST
Sunday 19.11.2017 / DUNKRIK / 2100hrs CEST
Sunday 19.11.2017 / VANGUARD / 2100hrs CEST
Sunday 19.11.2017 / DOWDING/ 2100hrs CEST


30 Diamonds
1 Advanced Resettlement Plan
50 x Signal flares

* For organizational reasons, the rewards will be given out the following business week!

Important: During the event, the GM will have no time to answer your questions about the game or to handle other issues! Please wait until the event is over.

Good luck!

Your War2 Glory Team

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