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Thursday, October 20th AM, 1:04am

Stealing Officers

We have all been on both sides of this question lol
Best solution is to not be there hehe
Next, is to have a friend from a different alliance strat your mayor with a junk knowly
You get 24 hrs before you can be strat'd again and mayor can not be got in 1 hit
This is not a glitch or against the rules, so is not illegal, it is a tactic
Uses 3 flares, so is not a bad save

For those that still keep good officers as mayors only hehe

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Tuesday, March 14th PM, 7:50pm

Good Info Dude :) yeah sucks having your best commander stolen that you worked monthes for one of the flaws of the game

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Wednesday, March 15th AM, 11:48am

I would like to point out that not only is this well within the rules and completely legal, it is also cheap to do, even on a regular basis.

This can also be done to cities, but is much more expensive as far as flares go, so its recommended not to do that unless the city is in danger of being taken.

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  • "Ukdot" es hombre

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Tuesday, October 17th PM, 6:22pm

Thanks for the info it is really useful :!:

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