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Donnerstag, 3. März 2016, 14:23

Naming Convention Rules

These rules apply to forum names, in game names and alliance names. If a member of the War2Glory team asks you to change your name, you must follow that request.
  • Names depicting gamigo staff names or attempts at making names to infer one is gamigo staff are not permitted. This includes names close to current team member names, old or current, or adding in prefixes to make others assume you are staff of any sort. (Example: lGMl, GM, GA, CM, CoMa or any like prefix. GAMIGO, GaMiGo, Gamig0, or any variation of current staff name)
  • Names that suggest racist, insulting, lewd, vulgar and/or gross contents or acts are not permitted
  • Names that intentionally avoid or bypass the filter are not permitted
  • Names referring to any form of drugs or illegal activities are not permitted
  • Names made up of random letter or number orders, as well as the extensive use of symbols are not permitted (such as spammer type names)
  • Names made specifically to harass or grief others are not permitted
  • Copyrighted names are not permitted
Consequences for non-compliance to these rules can be temporary or permanent account suspension, dependent on nature of offensive and previous offenses on the account. Interpretation on the nature of a name is the sole rights of gamigo staff.

Thank you!
War2Glory Team
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