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Tuesday, January 12th 2021, 8:15pm


War2glory is a browser based game that used flash.

Since flash player now is official dead, so is also all usage of flash player.

Due to security issue, adobe advice to un install flashplayer.
It can alwas be found a way to use old flashplayer, but not without a security risk.

A date was set by adobe for EOL for flash.
Those who had site that used flash player was warned so many time of EOL for flash.
Why isit so difficult to prepare and move over to html5?

As a publisher of this game, you had long time to prepare.
I have to assume that gamigo is not run from just a kitchen table?
And all shortcut to keep this game alive is allowed?

As a "proffesional" company, you cant serious ask us to use flashplayer on our own risk to play a game?
How professional can you be?

Since you ask us to use flashplayer, do your company never lock doors when your office is empty?
So its ok if someone enter your company and steal whatever?
Im sure you have securuty meassure at your company, and keep security tight.

Same for us. Adobe have announced flash player is not safe.
To make this game to run, we need to use old flash players that have security issue.
I have not seen any warning on this game page that it is alot of security issue using old flashplayers.

Any publish of any browser to use flash player from you, you are legal responisble for any security issue we might face?

Honestly, you look more and more like a school project run from kitchen table.

Face it, flash player is dead. you cannot extend its life span

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