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Tuesday, January 12th 2021, 1:57pm


GMs, CMs
I don't want to take this to any negative comments so I will ask for all not to rant here.

Can the GMs answer a few questions either in official mail or post.

1. I can not believe Gamigo/W2G IT staff were completely unaware of this issue. So is there another reason why you cannot officially release the packaged browser with the non timebomb code, (which like we have reported is the latest)? Is it a contractional or distribution license issue that legal needs to resolve?

2. I noticed many of the browser games on Gamigo website have moved to html5, why cant Kings and Legends and W2G? Again, contractional issue? or unable to do so technically or that capability doesn't reside within Gamigo IT staff? Is that the reason there has been no real updates to the code, only game parameter updates aka increasing building levels, new suits, new heros etc.

3. Given that none of W2G recommendations work, and we are relying on our own solutions, What is the future of this game? I think everyone here would appreciate an honest answer instead of a smokescreen that we are working on a solution. Even stating the problems you are faced with might be a start.. Something on the order of "We don't have access to make changes to the base code so no fixes or conversion to html5" "The game is not profitable to update" etc.

4. Have you thought of the percentage of commanders you will lose during this fiasco? What level can you tolerate? 20% 40%.. There is a point where even successful operations cannot survive.

An open and honest dialogue of would be a start of rebuilding some level of confidence in the game.

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