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Thursday, May 30th 2019, 6:19am


Good day War2,

Haven't made one of these posts in a while because for the longest time it seemed war2 glory was on the downfall and some of us were expecting it to go the way of JoyFort and Wistone.

However lately we've had some changes and updates, and I am pleased to see there is interest in keeping this game alive from the company's side. However, I, and I believe most of the WAR2 community would like to see communication increased, maybe bringing back the shoutbox, or even open the discord server again, and getting another active English Mod as the other languages have.

Communication is key, especially before releasing game changing updates such as the new dispatch limit, 1.1 million is way too high to drop on people without any warning, and should never even have been considered on non special field servers. Talk to the players before doing things like this, ask us what we think - after all we're the ones playing this and we generally know what we want.

Over the years I've read some awesome ideas from the community that the game has completely ignored in the past, I'm hoping now since we are receiving updates you'll revisit some of them. Here are some improvements I think could make the game better...

This is by far the most requested thing, and if we don't have one in the near future you will see servers drastically die off, some are already hardly hanging on. I spoke with The Phoenix on Blitzkrieg II when it launched and he gave us a time of "-/+ 2 months"...This is a start, an actual time-line, but we need an official post on more complete time-line, the sooner the better. I would say release special fields on El Alamien, Dunkirk and possibly Sherman and merge them together with Elite, this would make a active server and a happy community, splitting it into 2 servers and you get 2 sort of active servers that will quickly fade into dead ones again.

-Special Fields-
Release special fields on servers with increased dispatch cap, it is essential to keep small players in the game that cannot be on all day to feed by farming players. Special fields = More troops = more fights = more gold to heal after fights = More diamonds spent on boosts to fight & truces to rebuild.

-Fix Warehouse Capacity-
Ever since the launch of level 15 technologies, warehouses don't hold the actual amount they are suppose to with level 15 Storage tech, this has always been an issue but more now then ever before with the increase in Manpower cap, we need a lot more troops and need more capacity to feed these troops. This is sounds like a pretty simple fix and would be much appreciated by the players!

-Higher level buildings-
We have level 19 resource fields, and level 20 Staff HQ, General HQ and Military Institute...Release level 20 warehouses! and Consider increasing City Hall level, open up a new sector for Production Zone and/or Military Sector. More buildings to upgrade = more PoB = more profit for War2.

Please keep in mind increasing the amount of PoB needed gets a little crazy and actually discourages people from finishing buildings, I would happily make all farms in my war level 20, but at 3 then 4 PoB a level I can't keep up, thats 318 Plan of Building's to raise 38 farms to level 19 from level 15, that is crazy for 1 city.

-New Skills-
Another thing no ones looked at since the game has started is officer skills, we could really mix things up with something so simple...More options when it comes to fights make the game more strategic which is what this is suppose to be, an online strategy game. Here are two examples I thought of while writing this:

Load Capacity
Increases load capacity of troops dispatched with officer.
Level 1 50% to maximum load capacity, increasing 10% every level.

Fire Support
Increase range of land units, level 1 50% increase by 10% every level

-Fix "Troops are overloaded"-
This has always been an issue, but since the new dispatch increase you can't dispatch more than 716,000 trucks worth of resources to a field or city, you will get "Troops are overloaded" message until you bring the total amount of resources below what 716,000 trucks can hold. I'll give you a hint on how to fix it, it has to do with the max amount of gold a city can display ;).

-Naval NPCs-
Navy doesn't have a lot going for it, it's hard to build and feed, theres not many people that build it so very few fights, and there's nothing special for them to hit. I suggest releasing level 40-50 event fields/fort fields on the sea for navy players to hit, something else to do with that navy you've fed for years but there's been no one to fight with it.

-War Week & Prizes-
Increase War Week prizes to make it more enticing to players...Give diamond reward to every player of the alliance instead of just leader. Also make a war week bundle the current alliance campaign bundle is worthless. We need assembly bugles, 7 12h truces, flares, and 7 day officer a discounted prize of course.

-More Missions-
We need more daily, weekly and monthly missions. I've had my mission tab finished for about a year now, nothing to work towards. Daily, weekly and monthly missions give people a reason to log in every day to work on something, increases activity and keeps people out of vacation. The rewards don't have to be crazy but they need to be decent as well.

-One Last Thing , WAR2's Fate in 2020?-
We all know flash is dying sometime in 2020, the game could be recoded to HTML5...but we haven't heard a word from you on this yet, and it has some players concerned and not spending because of it. How simple would it be to put our minds at ease and tell us your plans? A simple post that would take you 5 minutes to write?

Hope you look at & consider some of these suggestions and answer the questions I've added, and improve communication with your customers, this game has a very loyal community that will back you and support the game for years to come if you show us you will keep it interesting for us.

I ask any players reading this to post your suggestions and thoughts below & share with your alliance and server, the more comments the better chance the mods will take notice!

Thank you
Elite Server

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Thursday, May 30th 2019, 6:38am

I like these ideas, this can really improve the game and make a lot of people-including me-spend some money. We all want to love this game but the silence from staff is making it very hard. Please talk to us. Let us know the future plans. Dont give us vague answers like "soon" or "we know", that doesnt tell us anything and makes people stop spending money and quit. We need a definitive answer on the date of merge, the switch out of flash, and future plans on how youre planning to make this game good. Easy fixes to simple problems. Thanks.

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Thursday, May 30th 2019, 10:16am

geat ideas hope the company work on these

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Thursday, May 30th 2019, 1:44pm

i agree with all above from beowulf this is i think what most of the long established players want because they understand the games needs for progression.

seem like everytime they make the blitz server they forget the rest of us now

all efforts on the cash cow for the from what i can work out the cheats to prosper brigad

there has been several warnings over the years about players leaving over it being dead on servers and there is a time limit foreven the most hardcore and loyal. To many times we have been told merge is comming we need time then 1 year of silence , we cant keep going this way lets hope that that chat on blitz wc was holding some truth.

i just hope for once a post will make an impact, and let it be this one from Beowulf as it covers everything

If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?

William Shakespeare
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Friday, May 31st 2019, 2:00am

Very well said Beowulf.. Great ideas that I hope do not fall on deaf ears. Communication from the powers that be would be a great start. As an established player all i ask is that we are kept in the loop as to what you have planned for the future..

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Had enough


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Friday, May 31st 2019, 9:51am

They have had so many good ideas given them over the years.. way i see it at the moment the only server what gets any attention is the new 67 day server.. everytime that starts the older server gets no sales or anything. not all people play the new server

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The Guardian


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Saturday, June 1st 2019, 2:35pm


Hello Everyone,

First of all, on behalf of the War2 Glory team, I would like to thank you for your suggestions. You guys have been very engaged and we appreciate all of your questions.

Let me start with

The WAR2's Fate in 2020?

Yes, the flash player won't support the games but I must assure you that our technical team has already put a plan in place and the War2 Glory will be here for many more years.

New Missions and more building lev:

Our product manager already has a plan put in place for that and you will see more surprise on Jun with new updates and missions.

New NPC for Navy Players:

We can't promise anything at this time but we will look into it.

Troops are overloaded:

Our technical team are aware of the problem and looking for the best solution.

War Week & Prizes:

We can't promise anything yet but we will look into the best option.

New Skills:

Nothing has been planned at the moment. Maybe in the future.

Finally, Merge:

Merge is definitely coming. All details and instruction will be published soon. We will have a big merge this SUMMER.

Hope this post has answered all of your worries and questions. We also plan to communicate with our community, now more than ever.

With best regards,

The Guardian
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Saturday, June 1st 2019, 10:33pm

It was very useful info coming out now

The WAR2's Fate in 2020?

Yes, the flash player won't support the games but I must assure you that our technical team has already put a plan in place and the War2 Glory will be here for many more years.

This info should come out long time ago, as we have been asking this question long time ago.

Finally, Merge:

Merge is definitely coming. All details and instruction will be published soon. We will have a big merge this SUMMER.

Hope this post has answered all of your worries and questions. We also plan to communicate with our community, now more than ever.

We have heard this many times, but then cancelled
Lets hope you are correct now

Now, we can call our friends and ask them to come back

There are things to improve.

1. a) communication with us
b) what to do if game goes down, weekends and week days. How to get fast response.(As we now dont have shout out box or discord)

2.Daily missions for different levels(scout, plunder, seize, for different target). Maybe search for hidden things in plains

3. We need a new kind of war week, like war weekend for alliances and war weekend for Axis vs Allied
For this activities, we cant have voting . Everyone need to take part, but they can vacation or truce if they dont want take part.
Or buy "none war weekend item"
As If thing goes well, we dont need merge for future , As this activities will keep players active

4. Skills ;(
Make sure skills work according to their description
Example is :Advanced Engineering
Its not working according to description

5. Level building :rolleyes:
It would be very good if City hall can hold more gold or have higher level so it can hold more gold.

6. Manpower cap :rolleyes:
As many server have new manpower cap, we need to get special fields so we can feed our troops and defend our self

7. Fix your random generator so it reflect more true random ;(

8. Room for more Generals
Increase the room for generals so it can fit all the number of available generals

I know you dont agree with everything we talking about
Just a comment that you guys have read it, its ok
So we dont need to feel abandoned or talk for no one

I think Beowulf have said most of what we have been asking for years :thumbsup:

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Wednesday, September 4th 2019, 3:56am

Improvements and Merge

Well I have to say if there have been improvements I haven't seen many. You cant even get player Rankings to work but you continue to do a BlitzKrieg server When EVERYONE has Been asking for A Merge which you have
PROMISED in the SUMMER. Summer is almost Over Just give us a plain Yes or NO on Merger so we can all move on to different games

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Wednesday, September 11th 2019, 12:04pm

This was fun thread to read lol

its 9/11 now and improvements and fixed are completed pretty much 0/10. And here you guys are crying year after year, that you gonna quit if no merge happens. Am i the only one here seeing it as a bit absurd now :D:thumbsup:

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Yesterday, 10:37pm


Remember when they said they were gonna do stuff.. yeah that was funny.

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