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  • "Bad_mumbles" started this thread

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Thursday, August 8th 2019, 9:05pm

blitzkreig II thoughts and suggestions

so after doing blitz II i have a few more suggestions..... ok i got cught with my pants down... but thats my fault for not trucing..... and ultra badtiming that a enemy randomed to our coastal nest lol

but the last blitz server was rife with speculation of yet more corruption within the CM/GM team tasked with policing the blitz server... many things were flagged including mutes, ridiculous troop counts (for a players rep.... some players had 500k figs at 2 mil rep... before troop boxes!!) and certain fields disappearing lol...

so i have a few suggestions:

i: firstly a rotation of the CM/GM team that polices each blitz server.... that way each time we lose we cannot shout favortism!! lol

ii: the introduction of a new resources crate: intermediate resources crate 10 mil all resources and 10 mil gold > for roughly 200 dimes.... in early stages players will buy it!!

iii: the ingame missions to be more acheivable to those whom have limited budgets

iv: POB's on wheel

v: increase price of dice to 10 diamonds and have more lucrative rewards too.... prizes that include truces after 2 weeks of server

vi: player that contributes most to victory to get ultimate prize.... we all know that a 1 player alt alli can give 10k personal.... so that personal score equals a big reward is seriously flawed and open to cheating

i have more ideas but i wanna get pi$$ed not type my life away


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Thursday, August 8th 2019, 11:50pm

simple way to play this to stop a lot of cheating

if you want to play blitz server pay to play

20 £ $ euro etc from account to play or more if they think players will do it

this way they cant register to many account with out it costing a large sum of money and also maybe there checkable accounts then too

i know credic cards bank account etc can be used to make multi accounts but seriously how many will they use ?

also introduce game help and for fast help and more so at the weekend

daily checks to release all black holes is another way to ease the cheating too

its not rocket science i dont play the server because like many we ask for a merge many many times and still we wait

plus its super obvious there is a tonne of cheating on these blitz servers and its not what u know it seems its who you know

personaly i would boycot the next blitz server if anyone wants to see a future in this game because they are riding on the foolish wallet warriors for a shot thrill and not looking into the long term value of the game

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