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Donnerstag, 8. August 2019, 16:16

Event - Simon Says

Hello commanders!

Event-based on the Simon Says Game!

How does it work?

For one hour, the GM will announce what you need to do!

Plunder or Seize, from grasslands to mountains, level 1 to 10, anything is possible! Don't be surprised!

The fastest Commander to send report wins great prizes!

The Rules:

- Be online at the given time

- Do what the GM says (seize a forest level 7 etc.)

- Mail the report to the GM on server* date and times are checked on the report

- Any disruption will result in an immediate mute and disqualify from the Event

- If the world chat becomes unruly then the event will be terminated for that server

- Any decision from the GM is decisive

* The report must include a fight and the Commander must win the battle. Also only one win per player per server.


Saturday 10.08.2019 / KURSK /2000hrs CEST
Saturday 10.08.2019 / Vanguard /2000hrs CEST
Saturday 10.08.2019 / Dowding /2000hrs CEST
Saturday 10.08.2019 /Dunkirk /2000hrs CEST
Sunday 11.08.2019 / Elite /1700hrs CEST
Sunday 11.08.2019 / Sherman /1700hrs CEST
Sunday 11.08.2019 / EL Alamein /1700hrs CEST
Sunday 11.08.2019 / Bodyguard /1700hrs CEST


Prizes for the fastest of each round:

1 x diamond case (15)
100 x Signal flares
1 x Assembly Bugle
1 x Bronze chest
1 x Bronze key
1 x Resettlement Plan

* For organizational reasons, the rewards will be given out the following business week!


During the event, the moderators will have no time to answer your questions about the game or to handle other issues! Please wait until the event is over.

Good luck,

Your WAR2 Glory Team

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