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Thursday, December 13th 2018, 10:40pm

Server Merger

Now i know server mergers have been promised before, now i'm just curious how much longer until it is addressed again? I think everyone does appreciate that it was finally acknowledged and a post was made by it, now we just want to know an expected time, like are we loooking at a few months? 6 months? Also how long until we are told what servers would be merged, don't wanna get my hopes up if only 2 servers are merging

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Thursday, December 13th 2018, 11:01pm

save yourself the heartache and quit now cos that merge aint gonna happen, these clowns have been stringing us along with that non committal, vague bullsh!t for over 2 years now but dont worry cos there will be a sale on at the weekend.

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Tuesday, December 18th 2018, 12:15pm

Really guys if you have not figured it out by now there is never going to be a merge all we get is promises of the big changes coming and all we get are generals, chests,medals and items that we have to spend our hard earned money on and put more money in their pockets. There will never be a merge because that would mean they have to give out thousands of free diamonds to the players that have remained faithful and not quit the game. They are forever saying they are trying to figure how to do a merge REALLY how hard can it be it's been done hundreds of times on this game and other online games all it is a way to put us off and keep us spending our money on "great upgrades for us" It is a shame because I like the game been playing for years but I guess the time has come to move on to something new. For all you who habd around and wait for something that will never come I hope y'all have fun.

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Wednesday, December 19th 2018, 3:24am

Re Server Merge

Yes I agree with Alien and i understand what Bloodynine has said

A definitive date and which servers are going to Merg

if there isnt a Merge by Mid January i'm packing my bags and quitting

More Generals and Offcr Medals isnt producing a Merge Many if not all here have spent to maintain our troops etc Some not as much as others


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