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Sunday, November 4th 2018, 1:20am

Missing Halloween Event

As most of us, we are very disappointed due to the missing Halloween event.

All of us was looking forward to this event that never happen here.
Players come out from vacation to take part of the event that seems to never happen here again.
Players was waiting to complete their Halloween uniform.

Next is thanksgiving, off course it will never happen too?
Then Christmas even, it will never happen too?

You guys have lots of update we dont know what it fixing, At least, we dont feel it solve anything.
The freeze issue is not solved!!

Have you guys forgot to entertain us?
Let us look forward to something?, like events?

Other game publisher/providers, announce what going to happen with their game.
They have calendar to inform about what happen in near future.
like update, maintenance, events.
Maybe you should look at game like "world of warships", See how they do.
Every ticket you send in will be answered, with solution or explanations of what happen,
You will receive a case close email when the issue is close. Or a explanations it will be fixed in near future.

They take part in discussions in their forum, they explain what their update fixing.
In other word, they want their product to be good, and have a active communications with their users.

Here in this game, we live in hope, with no info, no communications.
Even tickets will not be entertained. It will be closed without any info( and we live in hope they will be replied)

It seems you guys have lost the directions that this game is for players.
Events make us be busy, Even you make the target unrealistic high. Drop rate so low that none or few can achieve the target.

Without the players, the game will die.
Even the event you have in the weekends, get less and less attention from players.

Is this what you guys want?
No progress and evolution's with the game, no communication with players

Pull yourself together and start entertain us and have a communication with us in forum.
As Discord is a dead end with out any reply from war2g admin!!

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Sunday, November 4th 2018, 1:43pm

the game owners forget......

that events like halloween make the game more !nteresting for all players, they need these events to keep players !nterested !n the game

yes these events g!ve away free good!es but there !s always a new suit with each event too.... a lucrative new suit.... coupled with a event that tempts new players to spend

which makes me wonder seeing as theres no events now are the owners milking this cash cow for every penny they can get t!ll w2g becomes another game like joyfort?

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Sunday, November 4th 2018, 2:24pm

more like they just dont care, heroes released on younger servers including event heroes for a non existent event and another general nobody wanted or asked for just to try get us to pay for more slots
Zero communication from staff about anything be it events or a merge.

It all points to gamingo not giving a sh!t cos they want to milk it dry before shelving it completely.

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