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So Funny


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Sunday, May 14th AM, 3:28am

Anyone else having login problems on Sherman

Hey come on this is such a joke.

First of all I could not log in at all for 3 weeks and now again just 1/2 logs in and then stops black screen
Sent message to support last time got message back it is all sorted no sorry or anything. After 3 week
Compensation mission was 100k rep players only. hahahahahahaha
Question how can I grow big enough to collect my compensation if I can never log in.
sent message over 1 day ago and still no reply. will it be 3 weeks before they reply again?

Well this is a joke just like the so called Support

come on guys and dolls this is not really on the game is good but what is going on HELP ME

Soooooo Funny

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Sunday, May 14th PM, 1:23pm

Well all I can say is well said.

This is my experience as well and the time taken is excessive and answers are vague at best. I have had difficuilties over last 3-4 with different servers but one of them was Sherman.
I hope you get a resolution to your problems as mine seem to be solved for the time being.
Try clearing the global cache on your flash but on a different web page. This sometimes helps if you are swapping between 2 different servers.
Not always thought there still seems to be some sort of bug not when switching between servers in the same window but running to separate windows.
Try logging right out before clearing cache and flash global content.

Hope this helps. I just experimented and found what worked for me.

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Wednesday, May 17th AM, 1:30am

No log on issues but i can tell you the lag we getting on Vanguard and Dunkirk is unreal
So in my opinion this game is still Broke

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