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Tuesday, April 28th 2020, 1:15pm

Author: Duncan

Log in issues super elite

I could not even get on to the forum first thing this morning, or for that matter get on to the site. Can do both now so that's an improvement.

Tuesday, April 28th 2020, 12:37pm

Author: Duncan

Log in issues super elite

Hi any one else having problems logging on to Super Elite.

Tuesday, March 31st 2020, 11:54am

Author: Duncan

Lucky squares

Lucky Squares A2 Runt Dowding

Tuesday, February 11th 2020, 4:43pm

Author: Duncan

Medal of victory

Taken from flying high mission description: Mission Description Your Rank is based on your Reputation points, as your reputation increases, you can apply for a higher Rank. With each rank that you receive, you will be able to control one additional City. You can see how many cities you can control by simply clicking below your portrait. ────────────────────────────────────── Mission Brief Please be aware all Jewels and Gold will be Deducted from your inventory when completing this quest. You are...

Saturday, October 19th 2019, 8:52am

Author: Duncan


I remember a few years ago on Joy Fort, which is now dead, a similar situation but one that involved when you could collect daily diamonds. When someone from the UK made a comment about making it so everyone could collect them the response was " Its an American server so the times are set for USA, if you don't like it fuk off and find a different game"

Thursday, October 17th 2019, 10:22am

Author: Duncan


Today I can not get to any of the servers that are not included in the merge. Log in as usual click on start game and it comes up with error 404 page not found. I have tried my usual way, browser short cut and when that did not work I logged in to Gamigo and tried to access the the game that way with the same result error 404 page not found. Any one else having problems?

Tuesday, October 15th 2019, 9:12am

Author: Duncan

truce and hazzards for merge

Another question is the truce for 7 days as in your post Coopernicus or 5 days as stated in the detailed rules when you click on the choose character tab and then the detailed rules tab. "After the merge occurs and servers come back online, offensives against other players will be disabled during the resettling period (5 days)." As for original post from the detailed rules as above "After the merge occurs and servers come back online, Hazards will be turned off during the resettling period (5 da...

Monday, September 2nd 2019, 5:05pm

Author: Duncan

Any promised Merge soon?

While watching the weather report today the 1st thing the forecaster said was "Well autumn has started" So much for the merge this summer, another lie by those who control the game. Or does the fact they have merged at least one set of servers count.

Thursday, August 29th 2019, 9:22am

Author: Duncan

Any promised Merge soon?

Quoted from "Beowulf" I'm hoping they are just delaying so merge downtime plays into Blitz III start so there's more activity on Blitz, but if not that it looks like we were lied to again. If we don't have a merge this summer I'm probably done with the game as I won't support a company that outright lies to their customers. Well I know Blitz 3 has only been running a week but still no merge time table for the English speaking servers. Maybe they choose the Italian speakers as a test bed and our...

Saturday, August 17th 2019, 9:32am

Author: Duncan

How to contact support?

If you have not already look at…ight=#post36335. I do not think you need a Glyph account but I also do not know if you will get any sort of answer from them as I have not used this new support system yet. Or you could try Again I do not know if you will get an answer.

Tuesday, August 13th 2019, 4:42pm

Author: Duncan

Merge timetable

They can announce items sales but they can not answer your post. Come on War2 Glory when is the merge for the English server going to be.

Wednesday, July 17th 2019, 3:01pm

Author: Duncan

New Update to Officers

Level 175 for normal officers, in my opinion not a good move, for hero's maybe. The new update means a lot off officers will be more powerful than my older generals that I have spent loads of diamonds on already. Example some of my current officers: Kringle Clause 5 Star Level 100 P 25 M 263 K 41 Viktoria Rothenfelde P 28 M 271 K 45 Normal Mil officer 1 P 28 M 284 K 34 when taken to level 175 Normal Mil officer 2 P 34 M 285 K 32 when taken to level 175 Plus normal officers can have level 8 skill...

Wednesday, July 10th 2019, 9:20am

Author: Duncan

Support for w2g any one got a link

On the screen banner next to the WAR2GLORY there is a Support/forum. Click on that and it should take you to a report page. Select No Glyph account and report your problem there. I don't know if it works because I have not had a problem to report recently.

Monday, May 13th 2019, 8:55am

Author: Duncan

Special Fields - Dunkirk, El Al, and Sherman

As it stands the game only 18 months left to run as after that time I do not know of any browser that is planning on allowing flash player to run. So while all these updates are good for the game the one I would like to hear about is re-coding W2 Glory so it has a life after 2020.

Thursday, April 25th 2019, 4:39pm

Author: Duncan

Blitzkrieg Server Feedback

Quoted from "Angie" Where is my reply froom yesterday? Did it goo elsewhere? It is still there on the other thread started by Mike 1957.

Sunday, April 7th 2019, 11:07am

Author: Duncan

New Idea

Quoted from "Sporrow" Why not start to have war weekend, 3 days war. Starting from friday 18:00 and ending sunday 23:59 or monday 05:59 As most players have normal life and have work. Most players have off during weekend. By default, everyone should take part No need to vote. Those who dont want to take part, can either use truce or vac. It will generate income as players have to use diamonds for it. Maybe they make a weekend truce package players can use to avoid war weekend. All well and good...

Wednesday, March 6th 2019, 12:13pm

Author: Duncan

Carnival Chests

Copernicus post: "Commanders! It's time to celebrate the carnival! You can visit our Military Shop in game to find the Carnival Chest! (Random-Medal and Manual inside.)It will be available, From today 06.03.2019 12:00 to 11.03.2019 12:00 Don't miss the chance! Regards, Your WAR2 Glory Team. Note! It says "Medal and manual inside", but when you go to the shop it says "A Medal or a Manual is available inside this random chest, solely for use by WW2 Heroes and Generals!" So do we get both in a ches...

Wednesday, February 27th 2019, 2:41pm

Author: Duncan

Old servers

Because they have found a new Milchkuh

Friday, February 15th 2019, 1:53pm

Author: Duncan

New Blitzkrieg Server!

While blitzkrieg may be exciting, it's not what people have been asking for. From the posts I have read on the forum, people want a merge. But thanks for trying to liven things up.

Thursday, February 14th 2019, 9:39am

Author: Duncan


Quoted from "Beowulf" To answer OPs question, they move like event fields... TYVM for the info