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Yesterday, 6:31pm

Author: Caesar

Fast research techs with diamonds

Yes, i tried to do that. Diamonds got lost, but techs still the same. lol. bye bye approx 2K diamonds. So that was very funny detail amongst other crap stuff happening in this new shiny server. Bought hero slot chests, but yes; can't open them. Say bye bye to another 2K diamonds. Inventory issues, some guys been having 20B food in their only lvl5 new city, other players lost all their stocked res, diamond compensation mess etc.. and the list goes on and on. Oh dear. You shall get 0 out of 5 from...

Wednesday, September 11th 2019, 12:30pm

Author: Caesar

Heros worthiness is now dropped dramatically

After the release of general Armageddon, (which was however a nice upgrade, no doubt on that) most players has found their heros and money spent on them not worth it anymore. People are actually firing their lower level military heros to recruit Armageddon.A little absurd situation actually. As i always thought heros were The Thing in this game. Obviously they not anymore. Maybe a small upgrade on them would be fair enough, so they still can be the most valuable officers in game, like they alway...

Wednesday, September 11th 2019, 12:04pm

Author: Caesar

This was fun thread to read lol

its 9/11 now and improvements and fixed are completed pretty much 0/10. And here you guys are crying year after year, that you gonna quit if no merge happens. Am i the only one here seeing it as a bit absurd now

Saturday, August 17th 2019, 12:13am

Author: Caesar

They are a joke

They not even bothering anymore to service their customers there. Or maybe they don't care anymore. About anything. Complete waste of time to mail that support. No answer whatsoever. Do they even exist anymore.. But theres always a new sale tho..

Saturday, August 17th 2019, 12:07am

Author: Caesar


You not even bother to answer this thread, huh? Maybe if i put some bad language here, you atleast notice. Fuck. Cunt. etc

Thursday, August 15th 2019, 9:59pm

Author: Caesar

Simon Says Prizes

Event was on saturday. Now it's friday and still nothing in inventory. C'mon guys..

Monday, July 29th 2019, 8:06pm

Author: Caesar

Assembly bugles

Quoted from "Sporrow" Dear The Guardian Can you please give example with number .... Is dispatch with 1.100000 not basic manpower cap from ghq with full tech? This is what i was thinking too..

Monday, July 29th 2019, 8:04pm

Author: Caesar

Manpower cap / basic manpower cap? We need clearence on this.. As what use is to send extra 50K with 1.1M? lol c'mon now..

Monday, July 29th 2019, 10:56am

Author: Caesar

This game's future looking great. Again. LOL So the new support doesnt even recognize this game anymore. And as a result of this new update, techs are bugged, just upgraded warehouse tech to max and nothing happened, capacity remains the same. And when you look thru your techs from research center, the texts there are all xxx up LOL Man, how xxx hard is it to test things before releasing them?? I mean this not the first, not even a second time this happens. In fact this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME you releasing a new u...

Saturday, July 27th 2019, 8:16pm

Author: Caesar

Assembly bugles

where i can change them back to diamonds i spent buying them, as they don't add 25% anymore with these new dispatches? LOL And saga continues; W2G can't really get any updates working properly with first shot, can't they...

Thursday, April 4th 2019, 1:38pm

Author: Caesar

Future doesnt seem to be so bright

So this is, what its all about. Threatening your customers to lock their stuff, if they trying for refund for unsatisfied treatment. Unbelievable. This is totally unethcial, and may i say, most likely illegal too.

Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 2:47pm

Author: Caesar

oops :)

Seems someone got caught with a hand in a cookiejar. Or this is some serious Area51-stuff. lol

Wednesday, April 3rd 2019, 10:48am

Author: Caesar

Was someone actually suprised of this?

I have told you guys a long time ago, this whole thing with their actions (or should i say LACK of actions) has reach the point, where it turns from doable to a lost case. Take a moment to look back a year or so and see what happened. We have been experiencing people losing their passwords and accounts for what, atleast 3 or 4 times? Every new improvement they have come up with, hasnt work at start. Pretty much all weekend events have disappear,like Ghost Town, Simon Says etc. All though sales s...

Wednesday, March 6th 2019, 8:43am

Author: Caesar

Merge wont change anything

Atleast last four years i've been following the discussion and cries abt having a merge, which will not happen. Amusing? yes, totally. Possible scene? Nope. Why not? I'll tell you why. Let's take a moment to think what will happen.. In merge, most of you get tons of dims, so that wont make people spend more money. Then the first month and warweeks people will spend TIME (not money) to kill all inactive players troops that transferred with them in merge. What happens then? Those same people, who ...

Wednesday, January 16th 2019, 10:58pm

Author: Caesar


U bunch of fuking amateurs running a videogame LMAO U cant do ANY-FUKIN-THING right anymore!! Please quit your job now and go back to playing solitaire or sumthing. You guys are a disgrace to all gaming world, and not to mention business world! Maybe its time for you to raise hands and admit, you CAN'T do it. Please. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 16th 2019, 12:47pm

Author: Caesar

Waste of time

No use to shout out loud these problems in forum. As its pretty much same like playing chess with a pigeon. Obviously they quit giving a fuk on any issues. But wait for the next sale tho... Might be a good one.

Saturday, January 5th 2019, 10:05am

Author: Caesar

Support working times

So.. Is it really that bad situation in company, that they don't even have anybody working at weekends in support team?? I've heard people getting stuck troops or other technical in-game issues and support not responding in any tickets until monday.. I mean, people who work mostly at weekdays usually likes to play more at weekends when they more spare time for this game. Not even going to talk here about their "latest upgrades to fasten gameplaying and fix many problems", as how they explained t...

Sunday, October 21st 2018, 9:43pm

Author: Caesar



Thursday, August 16th 2018, 5:00pm

Author: Caesar

W2G updates rules everytime!

When is actually the las time these updtaes werent xxxxx up... geez guys, you actually dont test these new improvements before you release them, right?? LMFAO

Friday, June 15th 2018, 12:12pm

Author: Caesar

Not bad gear at all

This will get more than 200% attack advantage to generals, so will be a killer suit.. BUT there is a catch,that many of you didnt think; You need to buy every piece yourself, as u cant swap this gear with other players.. So, my opinion is, that it will not be worth the prize. But thats just my opinion.