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Friday, December 29th 2017, 1:03am

Author: S. Allen

advent calender mission

You got what they wanted you to get...

Friday, December 29th 2017, 1:01am

Author: S. Allen


should i spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars again just to see my investment die like what is happening on the old servers? I like the fact that you think it's an investment....cute!!!!

Sunday, December 10th 2017, 5:06pm

Author: S. Allen

End of the road?

yes everyone wants a merge or/and new server. people also do not want to be bullied, do not want alts, blackholes, ww setups, 7 ppl alliances winning ww but 30 ppl claim prizes. They also don't want account babysitting. So if they give a merge or new server are these ppl going to play by the rules also? don't believe so.

Sunday, December 10th 2017, 5:05am

Author: S. Allen

Quit bitchin'

you guys always threatening to quit and stop buying diamonds. These guys don't care, and your empty threats are as boring as their empty promises. So how about somebody, either side, puts up or shuts up, because we're all tired of hearing it.