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Friday, November 2nd 2018, 2:51am

Author: Rudedog

oct 31.......... halloween ?????

Looks as thou we are getting the royal screw job this year. Christ they don't even have Halloween chest available.. So glad I came out of vacation to do this nonexistent event that has happened for what the last 10+ years ?? Although they probably would have had the drop rate so nothing was obtainable anyways. One more reason to look for something else to do other than wasting my time on this game. New ownership cares little about the loyal fan base of this game, or the players that have kept it...

Wednesday, October 24th 2018, 2:17am

Author: Rudedog

Halloween event

You guys are getting worked up a bit early on this subject. It won't start till after maintenance next week anyways. We will probably get an announcement some time late weekend or Monday. Last year it wasn't announced till Nov 1st

Sunday, July 15th 2018, 3:17pm

Author: Rudedog

still waiting !

I agree that the merge is probably never going to happen the way things look now. Zero communication from anyone on the W2G staff. Empty promises and no response from a single person. Is it going to take a mass exodus of paying players to finally get them to lift an eyebrow? I'm not sure that that would even get their attention at this point now. I'm really starting to believe that this game is just on a slow death crawl now. I was apart of the death of Dawn to Nations and am afraid that this is...

Sunday, June 10th 2018, 4:39pm

Author: Rudedog

Incoming Changes

LOL that is very true B9

Friday, June 8th 2018, 2:23am

Author: Rudedog

Incoming Changes

WOW not one word from W2G. Unbelievable......

Sunday, June 3rd 2018, 10:06pm

Author: Rudedog

Incoming Changes

I see we are getting the same old stall and delay tactics. Cryptic promises with no follow through. At least give us a time window weather it be days weeks or months. Come on W2G give us something to go off of..

Friday, May 25th 2018, 2:20am

Author: Rudedog

Incoming Changes

Really a new server?? Why on gods green earth would I want to start a new server. I'm fully vested in the two oldest servers with zero interest in starting a new server with no special fields.. A Merge now that will perk my interest.. You say changes are coming shortly-- well now it's time to put up or shut up !!! I'm at the end of my rope with all these empty promises..

Wednesday, May 16th 2018, 10:59pm

Author: Rudedog


Very disrespectful if we are not going to be informed. I'm not spending another penny on this game if we don't get some kind of reply. And god knows I've spent enough in the past. Just a simple yes or no would do..

Sunday, March 4th 2018, 10:27pm

Author: Rudedog

Carnival Chest?????

Yep I got screwed the same way on elite. Bought a chest and only got the medal and not the manual.. total screw job in my opinion... Item Sale We prepared another awesome item sale! Please visit our Military Shop in game to see items on the discount. In addition you will be able to get Halloween Suit PLUS Carnival Chest (Medal and Manual inside)!

Saturday, January 13th 2018, 9:38pm

Author: Rudedog

Bring on Merge

I agree this is getting to be a bit much with the lying and redirection tactics management is using.Why did they even bring it up in the first place if they had no intention of doing anything. Saying nothing is worst than blowing smoke up our asses. I've been playing this game since Vengence server first opened here and frankly I'm getting fed up with all the BS that management is throwing at us, or should I say not even talking about now other than the famous " When I know something you will be...

Sunday, October 29th 2017, 8:13pm

Author: Rudedog

did you forget?

Yep in all the years I've been playing this is by far the worst Halloween mission ever. This drop rate is laughable at best.. Way to go W2G.. You going to drive players away permanently. Just saying.. This used to be the best mission of the year..

Thursday, October 26th 2017, 1:18am

Author: Rudedog

Halloween Event

You guys are getting worked up a bit early on this subject. It won't start till after maintenance next week anyways. We will probably get an announcement some time late weekend or Monday. Last year it wasn't announced till Oct 28th..

Wednesday, September 13th 2017, 3:21am

Author: Rudedog

here we go again....

Yes i agree with Noodle also.. No special fields then I'd have to consider leaving as well.

Sunday, August 20th 2017, 4:08am

Author: Rudedog

Take care..

Sorry to see you go Stu / Hollo...

Friday, June 30th 2017, 3:45pm

Author: Rudedog

New Generals

That would be great news if we were finally able to level generals to 150, and increase our amount past 5 total..

Saturday, May 13th 2017, 2:27am

Author: Rudedog

Event - Minefield

B5 Rudedog- Elite

Wednesday, May 10th 2017, 7:02pm

Author: Rudedog

has maintenance finished?

Quoted from "brainydude" do a tickets needed,no waiting for troop returns..... Couldn't agree more.. Lets just eliminate all this ticket sending and such and go back to where things went off the deep end. Thanks Villa for keeping us in the loop..

Friday, May 5th 2017, 3:16pm

Author: Rudedog

a needed sale?

I would like to see Carnival Chest out for a limited time also. And really like the Individual Halloween pieces on sale again as well as the xmas suit pieces also.

Tuesday, April 18th 2017, 2:42pm

Author: Rudedog

Idea: New badge mission

that is an awesome idea.

Monday, October 31st 2016, 8:15pm

Author: Rudedog

Greater Pumpkins

Lvl 9-10 NPC's dropping greater pumpkins.. I've got about 20 so far.. But drop rate is low