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Sunday, February 25th 2018, 3:19pm

12 years is enough

Well now,after a 3 month break I see no merges,no glitch fixes only new sales,everyday.This game is dead.only actives now are from joyfort in a mad rush to catch up.Soon as their money runs out I think we are finished.And,looks like the 50% off coupon is gone now for new members,what a big surprise,lol.You boys from joyfort will always pay full price it seems.good luck boys,signing off now.....the first 5 years were great,the last 7 years has sucked...12 years on the game and now I move to greener pastures...come play scopleys,the walking dead,great phone app.....lot cheaper too,lol...and they respond with in 24 hours everytime if problems come up,24/7 ...not like here where its more like once a week if your lucky.Good bye and good luck.....

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Sunday, February 25th 2018, 6:57pm

Fortunately or not, lol .... not ever liked zombie games
like the war games, they all basically the the same anyway
use same algorithm, basically ...... hehe :D

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