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Yesterday, 9:57pm

Author: xThresh

Spring SALE!

Commanders! The smell of flowers rises in the gardens, swallows are coming, winter clothes are closed in the closet ........ this is SPRING! To celebrate this fantastic time of the year, we thought about selling items with CRAZY DISCOUNTS! Sales will begin today at 10.00 and end on Saturday at 12.00. It will only take 26 hours because the discounts are really dangerous!

Tuesday, April 17th 2018, 4:47pm

Author: xThresh

Item Sale !

Hello Commanders! Today we start an item sale. This special sale will be active in all our servers! Visit us at our shop! Hopefully you'll find something good to help you conquer the WORLD. Start: 17.04.2018 @ 17:00 (local server time) End: 19.04.2018 @ 12:00 (local server time)

Tuesday, April 17th 2018, 9:32am

Author: xThresh


Hello Commanders! This code is only valid for sales that are 10 (€ $ £) and up and it's an amazing 3 (€ $ £) discount. The code is available two times per account. Coupon Code: WAR2TANK Start: April 17th, 2018 @ 12:00 Local Server Time End: April 18th, 2018 @ 17:00 Local Server Time Regards, Your WAR2 Glory Team.

Wednesday, April 11th 2018, 2:26pm

Author: xThresh

Triple Honor Event!

Hello Commanders! Quoted There are three classes of men; lovers of wisdom, lovers of honor, and lovers of gain. Plato. We will have a triple honor event for all servers!! Start: 11.04.2018 @ 17:00 Local Server Time End: 13.04.2018 @ 10:00 Local Server Time