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[Ieri, 22:35] Mike: lol

[Ieri, 16:23] вig вΦss: Can some one tell Steve 13+2=15, That is all I have to say

[Ieri, 15:38] Mike: Who playing on dunkirk?

[Ieri, 12:02] king steve: and btw yesterday u said u stacked 15 hits not 13 so yet again when u try to make up lies stick to the orginal story

[Ieri, 12:00] king steve: and that aint accuseing s a fact !!!

[Ieri, 11:57] king steve: am sure if the gms where nice enoguh to look at your account history they will see that yoyr were banned for this sort of thing befour

[Ieri, 11:56] king steve: it while funny that the dead account in your alliance were in wc straight afterwards

[Ieri, 11:55] king steve: but boss sending scouts to builders that u no have no alarms to lag me out?>

[Ieri, 10:07] TOUCH38: The Servers are currently in maintenance mode. Use this time to have a little break!

[Ieri, 10:04] BloodyNine: w2g you all need to fix your god dam watches its now 1017 and i still cant log in

[Ieri, 10:01] TOUCH38: 10.00

[Ieri, 09:58] TOUCH38: :love: :love: :love:

[Ieri, 09:56] TOUCH38: :| :|

[Ieri, 09:51] TOUCH38: :D :D :D

[Ieri, 09:38] вig вΦss: you had only 854k battleships and we sent 1.05 mil with full battleships badges in our officer.

[Ieri, 09:36] вig вΦss: oh and forgot to mention, you were lucky you didn't had hero as mayor. You would have lost that too. You were outnumbered

[Ieri, 09:28] вig вΦss: Trolling and accusing everyone is not a part of this game. Good day

[Ieri, 09:28] вig вΦss: If not then its just a game, have fun and accept your defeat. it was fair battle and you were beaten. No harms done h

[Ieri, 09:26] вig вΦss: if GM let me post i can post all screenshots here.

[Ieri, 09:25] вig вΦss: Plz stop lying here. you accussed me for lots of things even you talk about trash about my family and incite others to do it coz you didn't like my alliance member. I have all prove.

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