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Autor Lilpwnd (Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 17:37)

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Pochwały, krytyka oraz pomysły i propozycje

Autor Ascoran (24.09.2016, 14:39)

Autor Lilpwnd

(Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 16:24)


Autor Lilpwnd (Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 15:13)

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Pochwały, krytyka oraz pomysły i propozycje

Autor Polo (21.09.2016, 17:25)

Autor (4)Diablo

(24.09.2016, 15:23)


Autor Lilpwnd (23.09.2016, 15:05)

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[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 16:51] Ascoran: Dzięki wielkie :)

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 16:18] Lilpwnd: Post byl zablokowany ze wzgledu na link :<

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 16:18] Lilpwnd: Zrobione

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 15:43] Ascoran: Rozumiem że nie można liczyć na zaakceptowanie mojego tematu na forum?

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 10:25] just say sorry 8: and they cant ban me for forum comments either because they is a reg trademark to gamigo which i play gamespree

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 10:22] just say sorry 8: i was banned useing gamigos terms and condtions which i never accpted there fore cant be used to ban me

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 10:21] just say sorry 8: but i cant wait i will get ever penny i spent on this game back

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 10:20] just say sorry 8: but suddenly again when i changle them on this my account is opened but i cant get into the servers that i played

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 10:16] just say sorry 8: and when i changle them on this they say my account was perm banned

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 10:16] just say sorry 8: now they have closed my account without my permission

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 10:15] just say sorry 8: no mad max it isnt but in this game if your a member of the support team and want someone banned it happens

[Dzisiaj, 26.09.2016, 03:05] MaddMax: I have 1 question.... So is WC behavior now a bannable offence?

[24.09.2016, 01:23] guns: the people who run this company/game are a joke you ban people for comments in wc but people can blatant cheat

[23.09.2016, 19:07] wesii: steht der Gewinner vom 150er offi schon fest ?

[22.09.2016, 05:26] Harbinger: *from support

[22.09.2016, 05:25] Harbinger: Lilpwnd, I have not got a reply from ds

[22.09.2016, 02:29] Gilgamesh: how do i make a new thread on here?

[22.09.2016, 02:25] Gilgamesh: lilwnd

[22.09.2016, 02:25] Gilgamesh: hello

[21.09.2016, 21:00] DonJah: GG for HQ! On the road to the lvl 20 next!!!

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