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Autor Lilpwnd (Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 12:26)

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Autor Lilpwnd (26.08.2016, 16:31)

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Autor Lilpwnd (25.08.2016, 16:18)

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Autor Lilpwnd (24.08.2016, 16:31)

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Autor Lilpwnd (24.08.2016, 16:22)

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[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:17] king steve: had to cancel a load of tecs 2

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:14] king steve: no wonder this game going down hill fast with support like this

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:10] king steve: i have a knw hero with full leg con suit and X3 battleships badges but yeh i let them fight a gen

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:09] king steve: u tell me why wouldnt i put in my best officer there if i could i was able to talk in wc while they were in hitting my city

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:08] king steve: i dont understand what community mangers jobs are here if u just get fobbed off till the next person

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:06] king steve: u guys suppose to help players but thats not the case i will be waiting 5 days now for a reply from support then i will get a bullcrap answer like they always give

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:05] king steve: troops back sorry

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:04] king steve: i had till vac because i couldnt even get into buy gold back

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:04] king steve: where were u not rude to me is a question

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 11:02] Lilpwnd: I did help you, told you to report via support. And where I was rude to you? I only told you to write to support about it...

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 10:59] king steve: its a joke that u cant even ask a community manger for help!!!!! with out them being rude 2 u

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 10:32] Lilpwnd: this kind of problems are reported via support

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 10:32] Lilpwnd: Yes because this is what is support job and this is where you should report your problems

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 10:17] king steve: but yet we have to report to support?

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 10:16] king steve: u guys suppose to be the mangers

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 10:14] king steve: then i sit and wait 5 days for a reply?

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 10:13] Lilpwnd: I saw it. Please report stuff like this via support

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 09:51] king steve: can u look into pls

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 09:51] king steve: lipwnd just sent u a pm

[Dzisiaj, 30.08.2016, 09:02] Sarenya: Guten morgen!

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