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[Hoy, 1:27pm] Inter: For this reason i give you my congratulation for being near the players and helping them.

[Hoy, 1:27pm] Inter: Lilpwnd I told toy that i understand what you told me. There is no way to contact to anyone if she does not want it. She does not answer to my message. oppisite way of hadling the same matter.

[Hoy, 1:22pm] Lilpwnd: Inter I think I explained you situation already, please contact GR mod if you still have problem with what I explained to you, thanks and thank you for "Well done"

[Hoy, 1:05pm] Njordr: hi..

[Hoy, 12:54pm] Sporrow: :thumbup:

[Hoy, 12:53pm] Sporrow: We dont want any problem with Trump, Thats why it was fixed fast

[Hoy, 12:48pm] Inter: Not even 50minutes to fix the problem........ 50 days for others.... Well done Lilpwnd

[Hoy, 12:46pm] Sporrow: Their commander was able to hide the report from President Trump :rolleyes:

[Hoy, 12:44pm] Sporrow: They have returned. People at the looted city is now celebrating their freedom :thumbsup:

[Hoy, 12:43pm] Sporrow: :D

[Hoy, 12:43pm] Lilpwnd: Should be fixed :)

[Hoy, 12:33pm] Lilpwnd: checking

[Hoy, 12:26pm] Sporrow: Intel report from the city they are suck at complaining, they still looting their city, killing and ra ping inocent people there, We need to get the stuck army back, before Trump her the rumor too

[Hoy, 12:15pm] Sporrow: The mayor in their city of origin is scared they will start a riot if they dont come home fast :S

[Hoy, 12:08pm] Sporrow: Can you help Lilpwnd ;( ;(

[Hoy, 12:07pm] Sporrow: The army is tired and want to go home, they have been screaming at me for 2 days already

[Hoy, 12:01pm] Sporrow: Li;pwnd..need ur help..stuck army

[Hoy, 11:20am] Zero Cool: warum wurden eigendlich die events "such mich " und "simon sagt " eingestellt ?? :(

[Hoy, 11:02am] lopnee: hoi everyone. What's up? 8)

[Ayer, 1:52pm] lopnee: hoi everyone, hoping you all are having a great day 8)

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